Blackout is almost over. Oh Yeah, TeenSpot SUCKS!

2014-02-01 14:19:09 by DarkYagami321

Hey, boys and girls, Blackout is alomst over. Light and I are about to begin Act 2 of Saskue vs Jojuku (Fact: if you type Jojuku in a search engine-99% of the first results are from AdHominemSociety. Yey!). AdHminemSociety is Light's YouTube channel where we post animated skits and soon to be our primary show "AdHominemSociety."

Oh, yeah, I had the misfortune to troll a few idiots on TeenSpot. To put in the simplest terms, that site is as goofy as the people that call themsleves "teens" (Most of the people I chatted with were 20 or above...Pedo alert!). When I see pictures of young girls showing some skin, I think it's cute and comment, but when I see comments from guys over 19 years of age commenting on a picture from a 13-year-old, I can't help it but think "Pedo!" Run kids run! -__- yep....


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